Framing Basement Walls

Posted on September 14th, 2010 by admin in Basement Remodeling Ideas, Basement Remodeling Resources

Are you getting ready to renovate your basement? Well framing walls and ceilings can become a challenging project in most basements. Generally there are a range of various conditions as well as obstacles that complicate the actual wall or ceiling framing. Below are a few tips for the different types of framing you will need to do in your basement renovation.

Basement Perimeter Wall Framing

If you are planning to have a comfortable as well as warm basement, than your perimeter basement walls must be framed using 2×4 assembly. Simply by utilizing 2×4 boards on the perimeter basement walls insulation can easily be added to guarantee a warmer basement. If warmth is not a problem in your area but you would still like to add drywall to the perimeter basement walls, you could easily add furring strips to the perimeter walls instead.

Basement Internal Wall Framing

The basement internal walls could be constructed on the floor and then easily raised into place. Sometimes you may choose to build them right in place (known as stick framing), for example if you have low duct work, or possibly your basement floor isn’t quit level. Either way Interior basement walls are usually the easiest walls to add.

With basement walls there are usually many obstructions, such as pipes and duct work that we will need to frame around. This is where stick building comes into play. Below are some stick framing tips.

Basement Stick Build Framing

To stick frame walls, you will first need to nail a top plate perpendicular to the floor joists. Second, you need to secure a bottom plate to the floor using concrete nails as well as an adhesive like Liquid Nails. Be certain you utilize pressure treated wood on the floor plate since it will be in contact with the concrete floor and can pull moisture over time. The top and floor plates must be parallel to each other. Finally use 2×4 studs every 16 inches along the plates.

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