Protect your basement from moisture

Posted on September 20th, 2010 by admin in Basement Remodeling Resources, Basement Remodeling Tips

For all those fortunate homeowners that have basements, making certain they do everything to help keep that basement maintain as well as dry is essential for the continuous stability of your home’s foundation and overall health and safety of your home’s environment. Numerous unpleasant diseases can spawn from mildew as well as mold in a damp basement. Below are a few points to consider when waterproofing your basement.

*. Move right to the top. Rain water running off the roof can easily seep straight into your basement in the event that suitable gutters as well as drain spouts are certainly not installed. Clogged gutters can cause a waterfall that lands next to the foundation and finally seeps into your basement walls. You should check your gutters often for blocked areas or perhaps leaky spots and care for the issue fast. It is possible to install a mesh or perhaps plastic screen on the gutters to prevent big items from getting stuck inside.

*. Exactly where does the water run in your yard after a rain storm? The yard really should slope away from the home to ensure that rainwater will be running away from the home’s foundation. It may be necessary to re-grade the yard so that it slops away from the house at a drop of 6″ for every 10 feet.You can either hire a professional to do this or go to a rental company and get the equipment to do it on your own.

*. Does your basement have window wells? After a rainstorm water can potentially gather inside those wells and behave as a holding tank for dampness against your homes foundation. You need to cover these window wells with a plastic-type window well cover. They are only a few dollars from your local hardware store.

*. Occasionally the water may come from inside your basement. You can reduce moisture build-up or condensation as well as interior moisture simply by using a dehumidifier. Additionally it is best to insulate the pipes as well as air conditioning ductwork. Your basement bathroom generally is a genuine source of mildew and mold buildup. Be sure to clean the bathroom frequently and definitely ventilate the bathroom to ensure the moisture wont have an opportunity to collect.

As soon as you’ve confirmed that the basement is actually dry as well as moisture protected, it is time to start the renovation design process for your new family fun center in your dry basement..

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